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Drip Irrigation

Water Your Garden Easily and Efficiently

Water Only Where You Need It

Drip Irrigation Garden ImageDrip Irrigation is the most efficient method of watering your garden available. Conventional irrigation systems may only be 50% efficient.  A properly installed drip irrigation system is over 90% efficient. Drip irrigation applies water directly to the soil, only where you need it. The water is immediately available to the plant roots. Water is not wasted through evaporation, wind, or surface run off.

Better than Soaker Hoses

Additionally, the technology used in today’s drip emitters dramatically improves the efficiency over soaker hoses. Today’s drip systems use pressure compensating emitters. With a soaker hose, more water is applied  where the soaker hose connects to the hose bib than at the end of the soaker hose. With pressure compensation, water is distributed evenly throughout the entire drip irrigation system.

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 Stop Sending Money Down the Drain

A properly installed drip irrigation will save you time and money. It is less expensive than you think. Systems start at $100 installed. We can use your hose bib or rain barrel.

Drip is the perfect solution to watering your vegetable garden, flower garden or newly planted trees.

Your garden will thank you for it! 

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