Internet Marketing & Social Media for Irrigation Contractors Presentation

by Tom Barrett

Internet Marketing is Just Plain Confusing!

On June 12, 2013, I had fun presenting “Internet Marketing & Social Media for Irrigation Contractors” at webinar hosted by the Ohio Irrigation Association. ¬†Here are my thoughts and comments.

Why a Website?
Why Not a Camel?
I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel”

– Groucho Marx

Most irrigation contractors are as confused about website, internet marketing, and social media as Groucho was about Camels. There is an overload of  information available about the which social media channel to use and how to use it.

And a lot of doesn’t work for irrigation contractors.

In this presentation Tom Barrett cleared up a lot of the myths about internet marketing, websites, social media, and email.


This is excellent information. Just what I am looking for to help my customers.”

– John McKay, Rain Bird

This really cleared up a lot of my confusion. I like seeing the great results we received from our (Ohio Irrigation Association) test of Facebook Advertising.”

РJ.C. Wheaton, Centerville Landscaping and Irrigation

Key Points on Internet Marketing

  • Why you, as an irrigation contractor, need a website.
  • You can not judge the effectiveness of a website by its appearance.
  • What you pay for a website varies dramatically and is not always a reflection of its effectiveness in bringing in new business.
  • The audience for your website is both the consumer and the search engines. Here a small change in wording can have a huge impact on being found by an internet search.
  • How social media, and Facebook in particular, can amplify your marketing.
  • Internet marketing is less expensive but more time consuming than conventional marketing.
  • Email converts consumers from looking to buying your product and services.

Here is a copy of the presentation. Feel free to share it with others…

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