Tom Barrett is featured in BizVoice Magazine

Chan•nel: |ˈ ch anl|*


– a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.

– a medium for communication or the passage of information.

– a navigable passage in a stretch of water otherwise unsafe for vessels.



– direct towards a particular end.

– cause to pass along or through a specified route or medium.

*excerpted from the Oxford University Press Dictionary


Global Water Infrastructure’s Tom Barrett is featured in the current issue of BizVoice (the Indiana Chamber of Commerce magazine), one of several dynamic business leaders serving as a vital “channel.”


Just like the enduring importance of water infrastructure, businesses are beginning to recognize the enduring importance of knowledge held by veteran workers and looking for ways to pay …or, channel…. that knowledge forward.


And, whether channeling their knowledge by way of mentoring, consulting or entrepreneurial initiatives, seasoned workers are helping businesses transition into the future.


You can read more about Tom and this forward looking process at:


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