How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

Water Quality

At many of my presentations I am frequently asked, “Is my drinking water safe?” I generally answer yes but you need to do the research. Potable water quality across the United States is excellent. However not always and, quite frankly, it depends on your specific location and the time of the year.

Time of the Year

Why does time of the year matter. Well in parts of the country farming operations affect the quality of our drinking water. During the Spring, in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management estimates over eighty percent of the drinking water has excessive levels of atrazine in drinking water.

For over fifty years, farmers rely on atrazine to control weeds in corn, sorghum and sugar cane. Atrazine is a highly effective herbicide.  The level of allowable atrazine in our drinking water is a highly controversial topic.

Check Out Your Water Quality

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released an updated version of their Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO). Check out your water quality here.

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