Reflections on the National Green Centre Presentations

Rain IN the Street ImageRecently, I spoke at the National Green Centre. I presented “Constructing Rain Gardens & Bioswales” and “Resource Efficient Landscape Irrigation.”

The seminar was incredibly helpful to the folks in the audience. Based on conversations I had with audience members, some of the points they found most interesting were:

  • How much water is generated in a rain event.
  • Water is a resource not a disposible item.
  • The differences between rain gardens and bioswales.
  • A change is coming in how we manage our water.
  • People loved the case studies.

I also learned a few things through interaction with some of my class attendees. Some of the lessons I will take away from the class are:

  • People would like to become a local expert in rainwater management.
  • People want more infomation on permeable paving.
  • People would like a in depth training on how to calculate stormwater runoff and sizing rain garden.

I truly enjoyed speaking for an energetic and enthusiastic crowd at National Green Centre. The National Green Centre had great educational sessions, a great audience, and a great show! I hope I can return next year.

I look forward to my next speaking engagement on “Sustainability Starts with the Landscape” at Indiana Green Expo on Tuesday, January 18th.

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