“Brave New Worlds” Published on IdeaMarketers

Recently, my article “Brave New Worlds-Trends in the Landscaping Industry” was published to the IdeaMarketers website. Here’s an excerpt…

In the short term, competition is fierce as competitors drop prices.  Margins are being squeezed. Surviving companies will be lean and extremely efficient.  Can companies reinvent themselves in a down market?  The list of companies that have started in down economies is legendary.  Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Dell Computers are all companies that started in down economies.  Reinvention is possible.  In the 1950‘s AT&T reinvented their telephone network. Businesses today have a unique opportunity to rethink how they conduct business.  The smart companies are doing this.  They have changed.  Smart companies are accepting the economic chaos and are seeking hidden opportunities.

To read the entire article, please click here. And be on the look out for more of my articles!.

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