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In less than a year’s time, members of the sustainability community have earnestly welcomed the most up-to-date voice in sustainable futures and infrastructure development.

Tom Barrett, a veteran of sustainable infrastructure development, has embraced a growing number of enthusiastic followers with his engaging speaking style, approachable manner and wide range of expertise in sustainable development and advocacy. Tom continues to receive invitations and speaking requests from conference organizers and lecture series across the U.S.

Most recently, Tom was guest lecturer at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. His topic “Constructing Rain Gardens and Bioswales: New Tools for Sustainable Site Development” was warmly received. Guests and students of the conference had very positive feedback:

My favorite aspect of the presentation was how knowledgeable and approachable Tom was. I appreciated how clearly he distinguished between bioswales and rain gardens. -Sherry Meyer, Urban & Environmental Geography

Topics were presented clearly. I enjoyed walking through the CCGT garden to provide more depth to the topic, and Mr. Barrett gave a great presentation overall! -Jill Chambers

Tom was able to explain a complex topic such as raingarden and bioswale construction in simple terms. I appreciated his clear, straightforward, and informative presentation style. Tom also did a wonderful job of engaging the entire audience. -John Sullivan

Not only was Tom a great speaker, he did a fantastic job illustrating his lessons in practice. Tom showed us actual raingardens at work, which really helped me develop a three-dimensional appreciation of the process. – Michael Padula

Tom will continue to speak at sustainability conferences throughout the country. For inquiries regarding Tom’s speaking availability, please call 317-569-1396 or email at info@ThinkGWI.com


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