What People Are Saying About Tom

Woman walking in the forest with a red umbrella

Over the past year, folks in the sustainability community have taken notice of Tom Barrett. His speaking engagements have generated a large amount of buzz, and Tom continues to get speaking requests from conference organizers across the U.S.

Just recently, Tom spoke at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. His topic “Constructing Rain Gardens and Bioswales: New Tools for Sustainable Site Development” was received warmly, and visitors to the conference had very positive feedback. Below are some of the reviews of Tom’s presentation, submitted anonymously.

My favorite aspects of Tom’s presentation were the amount of statistics and numbers, the slides, the organization of the presentation, the energy and efficiency, and subject knowledge of presenter, the overview of design concepts for rain gardens, going outside to see the project firsthand, and putting a positive spin on a serious issue.

I took several great lessons away from Tom’s presentation. Some of these lessons were techniques to use in new projects, new knowledge of plant types, incorporation of new ideas into research on historical approaches to managing stormwater, designing landscapes for functionality, and the importance of managing stormwater.

I feel as though several things positively contributed to the “Rain Gardens and Bioswales” seminar. The calculation handouts and powerpoint, the tour of the CCGT landscape,  the availability of the presentation online, the energy of the speaker, and several relatable examples all enhanced the overall presentation.

Tom will continue to speak at sustainability conferences throughout the country. For inquiries into Tom’s speaking availability, please call (317) 674-3494 or email at info@thinkgwi.com

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