New Strategic Partnership – Mark Behrens

Green Water Infrastructure announces new strategic partnership

By Allison Carter

Posted: May 19, 2010

Westfield, IN – Locally-based Green Water Infrastructure (GWI), an environmental consulting company, has announced a new strategic partnership with Mark Behrens of TERRA Site Development, Inc. Behrens will bring his expertise in civil and geotechnical engineering to GWI on an as-needed basis.

“Mark’s experience with site investigation and design makes him a perfect fit with GWI,” said Tom Barrett, owner of GWI. “This partnership will allow us to offer a fuller range of environmental services to our clients.”

Behrens is a company principal of TERRA, Mark Behrens is Director of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing (CMT) services and oversees all aspects of company services and managers TERRA’s engineering staff. He co-managers other corporate functions including business development for TERRA’s private and public clients, strategic partnerships, financial, quality control and community outreach services.

About Green Water Infrastructure:

Green Water Infrastructure is a consulting company, which integrates water resources for sustainable site development. Green Water strives to utilize one hundred percent of the water resources on a site at the site. The company saves communities money by combining green infrastructure with gray infrastructure, new technology with existing technology, creating sustainable growth – sustainable growth environmentally and socially. For more information, please visit

About Mark Behrens: Behrens received his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas. He has worked on a variety of projects, including the Honda Manufacturing Facility in Greenburg, Indiana, the expansion of Mackey Arena Building at Purdue University, and a PepsiCo Distribution Center. He is the Director of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing (CMT) with TERRA Site Development, Inc.



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