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Green Water Infrastructure

Green Water Infrastructure is a consulting company, which integrates water resources for sustainable site development. We strive to utilize one hundred percent of the water resources on a site at the site. We save communities money by combining green infrastructure with gray infrastructure, new technology with existing technology, creating sustainable growth – sustainable growth environmentally and socially.

Project Level

On a project level, we use rain gardens, green roofs, permeable paving, infiltration planters, and rainwater harvesting for non-potable water uses such as landscapes and flushing toilets.  All available water resources are utilized to create a sustainable site.

Green Roofs

Native prairie grass green roof



• Reduces Stormwater Runoff

• Retains up to 70% of Rainfall

• Reduces Building Heating and Cooling Needs

Rainwater Harvesting

• Reduces Urban Water Runoff

• 90% of Rooftop Rainwater can be Harvested

• Eliminate the need for Potable Water in the Landscape

Condensate Recovery

• Condensation Occurs when the Landscape Requires              Irrigation

• Some Systems can Generate over 15 Gallons of Water        per Minute

• Eliminates the need for Potable Water in the Landscape

Rain Gardens & Bioswales

• Reduces Stormwater Runoff

• Reduces Sedimentation

• Creates Biodiversity

Infiltration Planters

• Reduces Stormwater Runoff

• Reduces Sedimentation

• Recharges Groundwater

Large Scale

On a large scale we try to preserve, protect, and restore nature’s landscape features. We protect, create, and enhance forests, floodplains and wetlands. By protecting and restoring these sensitive ecosystems, communities can improve water quality and create wildlife habitat.

Watershed Development

• Create a Sustainable Urban Water Infrastructure

• Reduces Local Stream Sedimentation

• Enhances Wetland Restoration

• Preserves Sensitive Ecosystems

Stormwater Management

• Retains Water Onsite

• Naturally Purifies and Filters Water

• Replenish Ground Water Supplies


• Retain Water Onsite

• Creates Biodiversity

• Reduces Non-Point Source Pollution

Additional Information

Call us if you a planning a project or even considering a project. In many projects with our unique, integrated design approach we can achieve a significant cost savings.

Green Water Infrastructure, Inc.

P.O. Box 124

Westfield, Indiana 46074

(317) 674-3GWI (3494)



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