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Tree Planting Bill in Congress

Consider supporting H.R. 4509: Small Business Environmental Stewardship Assistance The purpose of this bill is of reauthorize the national small business tree planting program. In my opinion, this bill will plant trees, create jobs and build the local economy.

Here is the information from the Indiana Urban Forestry Council’s website:

It has come to our attention that HR 4509, the Small Business Environmental Stewardship Assistance Act of 2010 has been introduced. This resolution is an offshoot of the former SBA Tree Planting Act funded in the 1990’s. In short, the program provided grants to small businesses to plant trees in cities and towns, providing both the benefits that urban trees provide, while at the same time pumping millions of dollars into nursery and landscaping industries. This is truly a win-win program for cities and towns.

Please take a moment to call or email Senator or Congressman asking him or her  to consider supporting HR. 4509.

Here is a link:

Also, here is link to a video which provides more information about the resolution.