Meeting Warren Buffett

Meeting Warren Buffett (center) with Tom Barrett (right) and John Barrett (left)

I had the pleasure of meeting Warren Buffett on Wednesday, September 28th at the Challenge Foundation Academy. What an honor to meet one the great leaders in America. Buffett’s ‘down home’ style belies his sophistication in finance as well as in life.

The Challenge Foundation Academy is a charter school located in the Avondale Meadows area of Indianapolis, Indiana. This area is the most improverished neighborhood in the city.

Buffett, chairman of Bershire Hathaway, is the third richest man in America. He is helping to support a new approach to urban redevelopment. Buffett is hoping to help break the cycle of poverty that for decades has gripped struggling inner-city neighborhoods across the USA.

Click here for the article from USAToday.

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