Sustainable Landscapes Presentation from the Indiana Green Expo

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January 18, 2011

Developing Sustainable Landscapes for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing sustainability as merely reducing energy waste, recycling, or conserving water is a common misconception. In truth, the greatest impact on the environment you can make is right in your own backyard.

The landscape industry was “green” before green became fashionable. The focus of this presentation is how the landscape transcends beauty into functionality. The landscape is one of the only site improvement that can be made that enhances and remediates our environment.

Most aspects of environmental consciousness focuses on how we minimize human impact. We save energy. We save heat. We reduce trash. We reuse. A well designed landscape will truly in improve our environment.

Trees and plants cleanse the air, sequester carbon, and can reduce a building’s heating and cooling needs by 20%. A well designed landscape makes for a healthier, happy environment.

In “Sustainable Landscapes” you will learn that by combining green technology with existing gray technology, combining new technology with old technology, we can create a healthier, more satisfying environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding that stormwater is the largest source of water pollution in the United States.
  • Sustainability starts with the landscape. Developing a functional landscape is the most effective and efficient means of remediating the environment.
  • Combining “green infrastructure” with existing, conventional “gray infrastructure,” as well as combining new technology with old technology creating a sustainable future.

The wastewater facts are eye opening. Thanks for a very informative presentation!”

—Jacob O’Neal

The speaker, Tom Barrett, is motivational and knowledgeable.”

—Kristi J. Clark Snyder

A positive message for change. THANKS!”

—Abigail Surles

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  • The presentation allows one to reflect on the existing and future needs required to promote a healthier environment. Having this knowledge and information shared is a great tool the general public and professionals alike. It is a pleaure to sit through Tom’s presentations and to know that you will leave with a positive message.

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