Sustainability Starts with Your Landscape – Upcoming Presentation

Tuesday, January 18th; 1:30 − 2:30 P.M. at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Coming up shortly, I’ll be giving my presentation, Sustainability Starts with Your Landscape on January 18th at the Indiana Green Expo.

Integrating nature’s resources for a sustainable site saves money and improves our environment. Rather than minimizing impact, the landscape is one of the few activities that improves the environment. Landscapes filter our air and water, sequesters carbon, creates oxygen and reduces our our heating and cooling needs.

Recognizing sustainability as merely reducing energy waste, recycling, or conserving water is a common misconception. In truth, the greatest impact on the environment you can make is right in your own backyard. In this session, discover how to grow and prosper in the rapidly developing field of sustainable site development.

“Through the increase use of landscapes we can actually improve our environment,” said Barrett. “and through increased awareness of landscapes as a functional part of our community, we can improve our water systems, cleanse our air, and create a better environment for plants, animals and people.” In his presentation, Barrett will explain just how essential some of these tools are to efficiently utilizing and managing resources.

Learning Objectives

• Understanding that stormwater is the largest source of water pollution in the United States

• Sustainability starts with the landscape. Developing a functional landscape is the most effective and efficient means of remediating the environment.

• Combining “green infrastructure” with existing, conventional “gray infrastructure,” as well as combining new technology with old technology creating a sustainable future.

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