Next Presentation at the National Green Centre

Next week at the National Green Centre conference,  I’ll be giving two presentations. The first is on Constructing Rain Gardens and Bioswales. The second is on Resource Efficient Landscape Irrigation.  Both presentations will be given on Monday, January 10th, 2011o.

I’m very excited to speak. Constructing Rain Gardens and Bioswales is one of my favorite topics because we create a functional landscape which reduces the largest source of pollution in America, stormwater.

Some of the key points highlight about are:

  • The effects of stormwater pollution.
  • The differences between rain gardens and bioswales.
  • When do you need a civil engineer.
  • How your can make a difference.

In the second presentation, Resource Efficient Landscape Irrigation, I will focus on:

  • The evolution of irrigation technology.
  • The importance of irrigation in establishing landscapes.
  • New water saving technology.
  • The importance of proper installation.
  • How to save water without spending a dime.

Please join me and over 70 other speakers for one of the top educational events in the landscape industry.

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