Women as Change Agents in the Emerging Green Economy

What is going on?

Wealthy Women – In the United Kingdom there are 72,000 female multimillionaires – up 40 per cent from 2004 (Financial Times, March 27,2010).

Working Women – From 2000 to 2005 of all new jobs created in America over the median income level ($48,000), 89 per cent were filled by women.

College Educated Women – Although men go to college at the same rate as women, more woman graduate college than men. Two out of every three undergraduate degrees are earned by women. Women exceed men in the attaining advanced degrees, i.e. masters and doctoral degrees.

Professional Women – Seventy-five per cent of all professionals in America are women.

Employed Women – Of the 5.1 million jobs lost in America, almost 80 per cent have been lost by men.  Women are at parity in the percentage of the employed population.

Women have come a long way. It was only eighty years ago women earned the right to vote.

What is going on?

Why women? Why Now?

The opportunity is great.  The opportunity for change is greater.  The need for change is greatest.

In the last twenty years the poorest people in the United States became poorer. The richest people made the most mistakes with the least amount of accountability.  What is going on?  The need for change has never been greater.

Women have never had a greater opportunity to create change, to have an impact on society, than today.

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  • Jay Guthy:

    Tom – very interesting piece on women and wealth. I approached our former Toro Marketing Manager about 4 years ago with the idea that women might be making up the bigger portion of the decision makers for irrigation systems in the US and that we might consider more “women friendly” sales and marketing tools for our contractors–given this demographic shift. Not sure to what degree my suggestions were considered but I believe there must be a fundamental shift in the way our industry markets to these new wage earners you cite. Nice article piece.

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