Tom Barrett Featured in Sustainability Editorial

Recently, Green Water Infrastructure owner Tom Barret was featured in an editorial focused on stormwater management.

Experts from around the country were interviewed to educate readers on the benefits of stormwater retention. Tom spoke about the economic benefits of this practice.

Below is a brief passage from the article:

Tom Barrett, owner of Green Water Infrastructure, an Indiana-based environmental consulting firm that focuses on sustainable development practices, echoes Feissner’s claims about the financial feasibility of green management strategies. “That’s the shocker of the whole thing, that maintaining stormwater on-site is less expensive than conventional means,” Barrett explains.

Barrett has worked on projects for Disney and Nike, Wrigley Field, the city of Chicago and other well-known clients, prioritizes the utilization of 100 percent of a site’s water resources right there on site. “We need to make people aware of the issues stormwater creates, so instead of treating it as a disposal issue we start treating it as a resource issue,” Barrett asserts.

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