Reflections on American Clean Energy

I was recently lucky enough to speak with legislators in Washington, D.C. as part of the American Clean Energy Now Tour. I’ve put together a few thoughts on the experience to share:

Why did I go to DC?

I went to represent green businesses in Indiana, and I felt so strongly about going because I want Indiana to step up to the plate. Currently, we’re 49th in the nation in green initiatives. I want our representatives to know that green development is environmentally crucial, but also that it is an economically viable form of investment that strengthens the whole nation.

Why is it so urgent to have Clean Energy Now?

The US currently has the largest per capita carbon footprint of any country in the world. We’re even behind such emerging powerhouses at India, China, and Brazil. We just can’t go on like this. We have to do something different and make a change.

What is the main opposition to Clean Energy?

Cap and Trade suffers from a misconception that it will cost jobs. But I believe that it will actually create new jobs—just in different sectors. The green industry creates the most sustainable jobs for the least amount of money of any other industry..

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